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Blade Pile Victoria

Revolutionary Foundation & Piling Systems. Blade Pile is the Next Generation in Steel Screw Piles.

With superior dual blade bearing plates, the Blade Pile is an advanced piling system that can provide up to twice the holding force than traditional helical piles.

Our industry leading products and piling systems offer an innovative foundation solution for the building and construction industry. With a solution for all types of problem sites and conditions, Blade Pile Victoria offer product supply to installation that is both cost and time effective.

The Blade Pile Difference

Unbeatable Strength

Blade Pile products are manufactured using 350 Grade High Tensile Steel resulting in greater torsional capacities that alternative products.

Higher Compression & Tension Load Capacity

The patented Blade Pile design allows the pile to narrowly drill into the ground with minimal surrounding soil disturbance compared to traditional bored or driven piles.

Improved Positioning and Vertical Accuracy

Blade Pile products feature Twin Blades which improve the balance and vertical accuracy of the piles during installation which cannot be achieved with helical screw pile alternatives.

Independently Tested and Certified

All Blade Pile products are independently tested and certified to provide a high quality product that is suitable for all residential applications. Where applicable, products are AS2159 and AS2870 compliant.

Suitable Alternative For

Conventional Screw Piles

Timber Piles

Concrete Bored Piers

Concrete or Timber Stumps

Our Products

Blade Pile

Blade Pile is an advanced piling system that is a cost effective substitute for timber and screw piles.

Pile Cap

Pile Caps are used to isolate the Blade Pile from the slab structure by creating an enlarged point of separation.

Pile Cap Slab System

The Pile Cap Slab System is an ideal piling foundation for residential slabs on clay or problem sites.

Bearer Pile Assembly

The Bearer Pile Assembly is used when constructing bearer and/or joist floors, steel frames, and column structures.

Bracing Pile

The Bracing Pile is a fast and affordable piling system that is used to support all lateral load requirements.

About Us

Blade Pile Victoria is proudly part of the Blade Pile Group, an internationally recognised world leader in residential foundation and piling systems. Our team is committed to producing the highest quality, best performing foundation products and systems with a level of service, supply and installation that exceeds expectations.